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Welcome to TrancePlants !!

We are an organization interested in the traditional use of medicinal and shamanic plants with the context of healing, personal well-being, and exploration. The primary goals of TrancePlants are to share our knowledge about these magnificent plants, and to make them accessible to you, the travellers of the Universe. You can read more about us in the about section.

We've been working with plants and incense since 1998 and have been retailing them since 2006. We are implementing and constantly perfecting our unique High Quality Plan which ensures that we provide the best quality plants at the best possible price with rapid shipping and quick, friendly customer service. You can read more about our High Quality Plan here!

For us, social and global responsibility is extremely important. Respect for humanity, society, and our environment is not only essential to our success, but also to improve the condition of the planet. In every aspect of our operations we ensure that a positive impact is created for humanity, society, and the environment. All of our operations are sustainable, all of our products are organic, our wrapping is recyclable, and we use as many reused and recycled materials as possible. You can read more about our values and our mission in the about section.

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Bienvenue sur TrancePlants !!

Nous sommes une organisation qui s’intéresse à l’usage traditionnel des plantes et encens médicinaux et chamaniques dans un contexte de bien-être, de guérison et d’exploration. Le but premier de TrancePlants est de partager le savoir sur ces magnifiques plantes et de vous les rendre disponibles, voyageurs de l’univers. La sagesse de la nature est indescriptiblement grande et, bien utilisées, plusieurs plantes peuvent nous aider profondément sur notre chemin de vie. Vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur nous dans la section about.

Nous travaillons avec ces plantes et encens depuis 1998 et nous les mettons à votre disposition depuis 2006. Nous appliquons en tout temps et améliorons constamment notre plan de haute qualité, nous assurant ainsi de toujours partager des produits de la meilleure qualité possible, au prix le plus juste, avec un envoi rapide et un service à la clientèle présent, conscient et amical. Vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur notre plan dans la section High Quality Plan.

Pour nous, la responsabilité sociale et globale est un facteur extrêmement important. Le respect de tous les humains, des sociétés et de l’environnement est essentiel à notre bon fonctionnement, mais aussi à l’amélioration de la condition planétaire. Dans toutes les facettes de nos opérations, nous faisons en sorte que tous les humains, communautés et environnements impliqués soient respectés et que notre impact soit positif. Nos opérations sont écoresponsables, nos produits sont biologiques, nos emballages recyclables, nous utilisons le plus possible de matériaux réutilisés et nous sommes constamment en cheminement afin de devenir une organisation complètement durable. Vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur nos valeurs et notre mission dans la section about.

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Helping the planet: Plants for the Amazon !

When you buy from TrancePlants, you are helping to heal our planet! Not only is it important to us to operate sustainably, but we also believe that it's essential to give back to the Earth and to encourage the betterment of the planet. That being said, we give 5% of our profits to the Camino Verde Organization, who focus on preserving the natural habitat of the Amazonian jungle as well as the culture of the people who live there. At the rate with which the Amazonian jungle is being cut down, we believe it is now urgent to act and respond to this in order to preserve as much of it as we can! You can read more about our involvement in the Saving the Rainforest section.



Aidons la Planète: Plantes pour L'Amazonie !

Quand vous achetez chez TrancePlants, vous aidez notre planète à guérir! Non seulement nous trouvons important d’opérer de manière durable, mais nous croyons qu’il est essentiel de donner à la Terre et de participer à l’amélioration de la condition planétaire. Nous donnons 5 % de tous nos profits à l’organisation Camino Verde, qui travaille pour la conservation de la nature et des communautés dans l’Amazonie péruvienne. La déforestation s’y déroulant à grande vitesse, nous trouvons qu’il est urgent d’agir pour préserver la biodiversité! Vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur notre implication dans notre section Saving the Rainforest.



Version française du site web/ French version of the website

Nous travaillons présentement sur la version française de TrancePlants.net. D’ici là, si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter via notre onglet Client Support, et il nous fera un plaisir de vous servir en français.

We are presently working on a French version of the website. If you need French assistance, don't hesitate to communicate with us through the Client Support tab, and it'll be a pleasure to help you in French.




(2014-03-26) Many new products for spring!

We hope you had an amazing winter and that you are ready for the season of love and nature's rebirth!

As the spring is coming, and as promised in our last news, we are offering you a nice variety of new products.

Here they are:


- Acacia Confusa; Formosan Koa

- Althaea officinalis; Marshmallow leaf and roots

- Cannabis Sativa; Hemp seeds hulled C.O.

- Eleutherococcus senticosus; Eleuthero shredded

- Ilex Guayusa; Guayusa Ginger and Citrus

- Salvia Apiana; Ceremonial White Sage powder

- Salvia Hispanica; Chia Seeds C.O.

- Stevia Rebaudiana; Stevia leaves C.O.

- Waltheria Americana ; American Waltheria


Thanks very much and enjoy these new products!

Stay tuned for more upcoming new products in the next weeks.


(2014-01-14) Happy 2014 and Intense price drop

We hope you had amazing Holidays, and we wish you a 2014 year filled with infinite love, joy and surprises!

We have been working hard since the beginning of the year, and we announce that we will be able to supply a very nice variety of new products in the next months!

Moreover, thanks to your continued passion towards TrancePlants, we can now get larger quantities from our harvesters and producers, so we can offer you better prices !


We just had an intense price drop on:

- Theobroma Cacao: 25:1 Extract

Cacao 25X

Also see the past news to see which products also had dramatical price drops!




(2013-12-13) Holidays Vacations and dramatical price drops !

Happy solstice and Holidays to you all !

We hope you will fully enjoy the next weeks as the sun in the sky is getting some rest, in order to shine more and more again !

Please note we will also be taking rest, and that we will not send orders between December 23rd and January 2nd.

We will still be taking orders during this time, but we'll send them starting on January 2nd.

As a gift, we are dramatically dropping prices on some products!


- Rivea Corymbosa; Ololiuqui seeds

- Diplopterys Cabrerana; Chaliponga

- Nymphaea Caerulea; Blue Water Lily 15X Resin Extract

- Nymphaea Caerulea; Blue Water Lily 20X Powder Extract


Thanks very much and enjoy life !


(2013-10-19) Shopping cart update

Thanks very much for your patience while we were updating our shopping cart.

Stay posted, within a few weeks we'll announce some very nice new products !


(2013-07-18) OpenMind Festival schedule

We are organizing the OpenMind Festival between July 30th and August 6th.

We will still be taking orders between July 26th and August 7th, but we will send them after the festival, during the week of August 6th.

Everyone ordering during this time will be given a special promotion code for a 15% discount on their next order!

Check out our website to have a better feeling of the festival: www.OpenMindFestival.com



(2013-05-15) New products on stock !

We hope you are having an amazing spring !

Today we are announcing the arrival of a bunch of Herbal Teas and Teas, enjoy!

Stay posted, more new products to be arriving soon.

- Elves Herbal Teas from "Les Elfes de la Vapeur" : Great concept and amazing products !

- New category of Organic Teas : Premium quality organic teas: White, green, black, pu-erh, red and herbal teas. (Collaboration with the tea bar "L'arbre à Palabre)

- Check out our Super-Foods category as well, you can find many herbs and foods amazingly healthy for the body and mind !


Facebook contest !

Everyone visiting our Facebook page and clicking "Like", will have the chance to win a 30$ coupon to buy anything on our website !
The contest ends on June 1st, be quick !



(2013-01-05) Chacruna back on stock!

We wish you the VERY best year of your life!

As a nice news to begin 2013, we have the Chacruna (Psychotria Viridis) back on stock.

We now supply the higest quality Brazilian strain, enjoy!





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