Chuchuhuasi 5x pure extract powder - Maytenus laevis

CHUCHUHASI 5x pure extract powder


Botanical Name: Maytenus laevis

Other names: Chucchu huashu, chuchuasi, chuchasha, chuchuhuasha

Family: Celastraceae

Geographic distribution: South America



Chuchuhuasi is a tall tree that grows in Amazonian rain forest. Amazonian healers use chuchuhuasi root bark as a general tonic, as a muscle relaxant and back pain reliever (hence its peruvian name that means "trembling back"), as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis, and rheumatism, as a true aphrodisiac, to stimulate the immune system, for adrenal support and for menstrual balance and regulation.

It synergises very well with many plants, especially cacao...

In Peru, it is used as a strong energy booster and it is commonly used and many products containing the plant are easily found in local markets. Bartenders add it to alcoholic beverages.

Shamans use chuchuhuasi to help them enter the spiritual world. It is said to induce vivid and pleasant dreams if taken before bedtime.

Our Chuchuhuasi


Our Chuchuhuasi comes in a concentrated form.

It was respectfully harvested, with care and love for the environment where it is naturally found.


Our Chuchuhuasi is sold for incense or soap making, for decorative purposes and/or for legitimate ethnobotanical research and is not intended for human consumption. By ordering, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions. The information given here is for academic purposes only and not intended to be used medically.







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