Licorice 30% extract powder - Glycyrrhiza glabra

Licorice 30% extract powder - Glycyrrhiza glabra


Botanical name: Glycyrrhiza glabra

Other names: Licorice, liquorice, black sugar, spanish juice, réglisse

Family: Leguminosae

Distribution: southern Europe, Asia

Origin : China



The roots and rhizomes of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant (licorice) are used in traditional medicine across the world for their high ethnopharmacological value. The plant is also used as a flavoring herb, because of its sweet flavor.


Traditional uses

Traditionnaly used to improve digestion and treat ulcer, as an expectorant and anti-tussive, against jaundice and for rejuvenation. The roots have a long history of use as an anti-oxidant, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and many more.

In Europe and USA, it is used as to make candies or as a sweetener.

For cosmetic purposes, a recent research indicates that Licorice root extract shows promise as a soothing ingredient for the relief of eczema. It has skin lightening and tightening properties, as well as hair growth stimulatory properties.

Excessive consumption of liquorice (more than 200mg of pure glycyrrhizinic acid) may result in adverse effects, such as hypokalemia, increased blood pressure, and muscle weakness.



Licorice roots main components include the glycosides glycyrrhizin and glycyrrizinic acid, triterpene saponins and flavonoids.


Our Licorice 30% extract

Our Licorice root extract is a standardized extract of the roots of Glycrrhiza glabra to obtain 30% of glycyrrhizin.





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