About Us

Our vision is to see the majority of the people on earth take a path of natural and conscious healing, gathering to share the beauty of their being and live in unconditional universal love.

Our mission is to contribute to improve the health of human beings, of the Earth and all its living species. We seek to contribute to the awakening of the individual and global consciousness, as well as to catalyze physical and spiritual healing in each and every one of us.















TrancePlants is a small organization passionate about the traditional use of shamanic incenses, super-foods and healing herbs. Nature's wisdom is infinitely great, much greater than our own individual wisdom. Well used, many plants can help us on our life path, both in physical and spiritual ways.The first goal of TrancePlants is to keep this precious ancestral knowledge alive and to make these magnificent herbs accessible to you! 





























TrancePlants is a project that has been under way since 2001. We have opened our doors to a larger public since 2006, which marks the opening of our E-Bay store (now closed since Paypal deactivated our account without giving a valid reason). Since then, the satisfaction of our clients, the immense pleasure we take in working with people and herbs brought us to flourish and grow into a well rooted tree, with an amazing reputation over the web! We are now in bliss to still be sharing herbs and passion with you all! 

Our values

For us, social and global responsibility is an extremely important factor. The respect of all humans, societies and the environment everywhere around us is not only essential to our good functioning, but also to the bettering of the planetary condition. We think it is important to help the people and communities that are in need throughout the world. Our plants often come from remote regions of South America, Africa, Thailand, etc… Many of these communities are in need, and our role is to respect them, to give them positive energy as well as positive business. Many of these people live from the harvesting of our plants, and it is our duty to treat them better and offer them more than what they would usually get. 


The respect of human beings also shows in the quality of our products. All of our products are organic, and we are always looking out to obtain more and more products that are certified organic. Our products are grown without chemical fertilizer, pesticide or GMO. They are never irradiated nor treated with chemical agents. They are dried traditionally and preserved naturally. Throughout the whole process, our plants are never in contact with any kind of chemical agents.


The respect of the environment also holds a very important place in our hearts; that is why most of our operations are sustainable and eco-responsible. We reduce as much as possible printing, we print only on 100% recycled paper, when possible we ship in compostable packaging, we are always looking to eliminate the use of new plastics, we reduce transportation as much as possible, we prioritize local producers and the nearest producers possible, we prioritize the purchase of reused materials, we recycle and compost everything we can, we don't use any chemical product, we don't use single use items, and carry out many more sustainable actions on a daily basis. 


The maintenance of high quality standards on each and every level of our operations is also a very important value which we embody on a daily basis.


Positive impact

When buying on TrancePlants, you are co-creating a positive impact on the Earth and its inhabitants !