High Quality Standards

Our high quality standards have been applied and perfected since the beginning of TrancePlants in 2001.

For us, "High Quality" means freshness, high effectiveness, fair price, passionate customer service, environmental awareness and quick shipping.


All our products are freshly harvested. We work directly with many farms/harvesters/producers making sure we can source our herbs freshly. We are keeping a top of the line inventory management, making sure we don't have overstocks that are sleeping in our warehouse. 

High effectiveness of our products is another of our top priority. We are aware that many factors can affect effectiveness and we work constantly in order to make sure those factors are optimized in order to supply the most effective herbs and products. Such parameters are freshness, growth temperature and humidity, age, harvest season and time, method of drying.

Price: High Quality is also about price. We know that a higher quality product does not necessarily means a higher price. We don't jump on the opportunity of making more profits because we're offering higher quality products; we don't believe in such thinking. We feel it's important that the price is fair for everyone in the chain, from the producer to the final customer. This is why we buy fair trade directly from the producers/farmers/harvesters, this is why we put so much energy in collaborating with producers in order to treat them right and have access to fair pricing for our customers and the same time, this is why our prices are lower than average. :-)

Passionate customer service: Fast and friendly customer service is also a priority for us, in fact it's the task we love most! This is where we have a chance to truly get in touch with our customers, where we are able to create something more than a business transaction. Having the chance to create this contact is a very rewarding task; we love answering your questions and concerns, making sure you are satisfied. It's not hard for us to offer a quick and reliable customer service because we love it so much! 

Environmental awareness: Having high ecological standards and environmental awareness is very important for us, and an important part of our standards of quality. We practice Sustainable Development in every aspect of our company. From harvesting to shipping, we are always looking to reduce our negative impact on the Earth and its inhabitants and we constantly seek to create a positive impact. 

Shipping: Fast shipping is also essential for a High Quality product. Our mission is to get the product to you as quickly as possible after the transaction. We ship every other day, and our shipping is discrete and professional.



We believe all these aspects must be fulfilled in order to give a product the "High Quality" mark. We've been working on this High Quality plan for many years, and we can now say that our products fulfill all these aspects and are High Quality !
In short, we want every customer to be happy, and we're continually working and improving to achieve 100% satisfaction!