Bala pure extract powder 10:1 - Sida cordifolia

Bala pure extract powder 10:1

Botanical Name: Sida cordifolia

Other names: Mauve indienne, mauve des sables, Country mallow, Heart-leaf, Flannel weed, Indian Ephedra, Kungyi, Mayir, Brela, Junglimethi, Velluram, Simak, Chikana.

Family: Malvacea

Geographic distribution:  Native to India but naturalized throughout the world.


The plant name Bala is coined on the name of ‘Parvati’ (goddess of strength and beauty). Sida cordifolia is used in Ayurvedic medicine since thousand of years. The plant is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and tonic. It affects the central nervous system and provides relief from anxiety. Its extract is consumed to reduce body weight. It tones the blood pressure and improves the cardiac irregularity. It is also useful in fever, fits, Ophthalmic, rheumatism, colic and nervous disorders. It has also been reported to improve sexual strength.

It has a long history of use by Ayurveda in urban and rural areas particularly for medicinal properties. It is in use as folk medicine in India since immemorial times. According to Ayurveda, the plant is tonic, astringent, emollient, aphrodisiac and useful in treatment of respiratory system related troubles. It balances all the doshas : vata, pitta, kapha, but has more effect on vata dosha.

Our Bala

Our Bala pure extract powder contains 10% alkaloids.

Our Bala is organic and was not in contact with chemicals. It was respectfully harvested, with care and love for the environment where it is naturally found. Is has a high content of essential oils and is of higher quality because it is always harvested at the right moment and prepared in the best conditions.


Our products are of the highest quality but they have not been certified by the FDA neither Health Canada for human consumption. Therefore, we have to specify that they cannot be sold for human consumption. They are sold for incense and soap making purposes, decorative purposes and/or legitimate ethnobotanical research. The information given about the plants is for academic purposes only and not intended to be used medically. TrancePlants, its suppliers, agents, employees and distributors cannot be held accountable for any misuse of the products offered.

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