Mucuna pruriens 25% L-dopa seed powder extract

Mucuna pruriens 25% L-dopa seed powder extract

Botanical name: Mucuna pruriens

Other names: velvet bean, pois mascate, dopamine bean, haricot pourpre, pois du Bengale, cowitch, juckbohne, picapica, kapikachu, yerepe (Yoruba), atmagupta, monkey tamarind, Bengal velvet bean, Florida velvet bean, Mauritius velvet bean, Yokohama velvet bean, cowage, lacuna bean, Lyon bean

Family: Fabaceae

Origin: southern China and eastern India

Geographic distribution: widespread in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world


Mucuna pruriens is an established herbal drug (a therapeutic superherb, known as a “dopamine bean"!) that helps protect the body from the damaging effects of stressused for the management of male infertility, nervous disorders, and also as an aphrodisiac. It has been shown that its seeds are potentially of substantial medicinal importance. The ancient Indian medical system, Ayurveda, traditionally used M. pruriens, even to treat such things as Parkinson's disease. M. pruriens has been shown to have anti-parkinson and neuroprotective effects, which may be related to its anti-oxidant activity. In addition, anti-oxidant activity of M. pruriens has been also demonstrated in vitro by its ability to scavenge DPPH radicals and reactive oxygen species.

It is widely known as “velvet bean,” and is a vigorous annual climbing legume. It is one of the most popular green crops currently known in the tropics; velvet beans have great potential as both food and feed as suggested by experiences worldwide. The velvet bean has been traditionally used as a food source by certain ethnic groups in a number of countries. It is cultivated in Asia, America, Africa, and the Pacific Islands, where its pods are used as a vegetable for human consumption, and its young leaves are used as animal fodder.

Pharmacological effects

Mucuna Pruriens is an adaptogen: it helps the body to adapt to stress. It also been shown to boost immunity, increase focus, and aid with fatigue. 

Mucuna contains L-dopa, the immediate precursor to dopamine, a neurotransmitter that ignites the brain’s pleasure centers and plays a role in executive function, motivation and arousal. The seeds are high in L-dopa (about 3.1–6.1%). Studies show Mucuna pruriens eases psychological stress and ease depression, a common side effect of adrenal fatigue.

Mucuna spp. have been reported to contain the toxic compounds L-dopa and hallucinogenic tryptamines, and anti-nutritional factors such as phenols and tannins. Due to the high concentrations of L-dopa (4–7%), velvet bean is a commercial source of this substance, used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

The beans have also been employed as a a powerful aphrodisiac in Ayurveda (Amin, 1996) and have been used to treat nervous disorders and arthritis.

Other noticeable and positive effects of Mucuna pruriens: reduces stress (decreases cortisol levels) and anxiety, helps in case of ADHD, lack of focus and trouble learning, improves quality of semen in infertile men, neuroprotective, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, skin treatments.

Source: The Magic Velvet Bean of Mucuna pruriens

You can add Mucuna seed powder into beverages or tonics.

(along with adding adaptogenic herbs into your life, don’t forget other stress relieving activities like hanging out with your friends, taking a hot bath or shower, calling people you love, doing yoga and meditation, and walks into Nature). 

Mucuna pruriens 25% L-dopa powder extract

Our Mucuna pruriens 25% L-dopa powder extract is rich in antioxidants and may help support overall brain and cognitive function and help promote a healthy mood. It may also promote healthy sleep, aid libido, and contribute to sexual health and aid libido.


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